Skin cysts are a thin lining filled with a cheese like material made of keratin. There are many different types of cysts that effect the skin but the most common are:

Epidermoid cysts, often incorrectly called sebaceous cysts, which are formed within the dermis arising from hair follicles. They have a central depression or punctum.

Trichilemmal cyst, also known as a pilar cyst, is a keratin-filled cyst that originates from the outer hair root sheath. Trichilemmal cysts are most commonly found on the scalp and are usually diagnosed in middle-aged. They often run in the family. Unlike epidermoid cysts they often lack a central depression/punctum.

Cysts can become painful and on occasion are unsightly causing distress. Cyst removal surgery involves a small incision under local anaesthetic. As long as the cyst lining is fully removed it should not recur. If you are having a cyst removed ensure your surgeon is trained in the recognition and surgical treatment of cysts. Incomplete removal will allow the cyst to regrow.

Lipoma removal

Lipomas are soft fatty lumps that form under the skin. They can become painful and often cause concern from a cosmetic point of view. Removal of a lipoma can be performed under local anaesthetic through an incision made into the skin long enough to allow the lipoma to be extracted. Some lipoma form within the superficial parts of muscles causing discomfort.

Lipomas can be numerous. When a person has multiple lipomas that become painful your doctor should consider a rare condition called Dercum’s disease.


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