I had been diagnosed with two basal cell carcinomas on my nose in November 2020 and I was looking for someone who could help me. I researched nearly every specialist in the southwest and narrowed it down to two options. One of whom was Dr Toby Nelson and so I asked my GP to refer me.

Dr Nelson seemed very well qualified as a surgeon and dermatologist. He specialised in skin cancer and offered a whole spectrum of treatment, both surgical and non surgical. Typically surgeons just offer surgery, while cosmetic clinics recommend their products because they can’t do invasive surgery. I wanted a balanced, unbiased opinion from someone that could do it all and who wasn’t motivated by selling me a product or procedure and making money out of me. I thought Dr Nelson represented this balance and being that he predominantly worked for NHS, I knew his practice was not economically driven, even if I had to see him privately.

We chatted for at least 45 minutes on a video link for the first consultation at 7pm on a Friday night, I’m sure this was using up precious family time but I didn’t feel hurried. I asked him everything on my list and questioned him and requestioned him. I was so fearful of surgery on my face, I really didn’t want to go down that path. It was a last resort for me and at that point I wanted to try anything else instead. His experience was such I couldn’t ignore his advice and his logic made sense. Despite not wanting to hear it, he had cast enough doubt in my mind over pursuing other treatments that I no longer wanted to follow them up. I decided to proceed with MOHs micrographic surgery so I asked if he could please add me to his waiting list.

That was a big decision made in haste as I hardly knew him and I had no recommendation to see him. I questioned if I was settling for any old person that could offer me an appointment in these Covid times? No, I was not, I liked him and felt I could trust him. The person I chose was something I could control. Whoever I chose, I knew I was going to place the future of my face, my life really, in their hands- literally. I cancelled the appointment with the Italian plastic surgeon in Bristol.

The two stage operation was complex and carried out on 19 January 2021 and 9 February 2021. It was a completely horrific experience, and I’d go so far to say it was the worst thing I’ve ever been through in my life, especially because I had to be awake during the procedures. I am still healing but the cancer has gone and I can see the cosmetic result will be better than I hoped.

Reflecting back, I had been looked after so well by Dr Nelson’s team. All of them. I couldn’t have dreamt of meeting a nicer group of people. Nothing was ever too much of a problem. I’d get my dressings changed twice a week and I always saw a registrar or consultant to check me over on every change. How amazing was that? At every stage, I was encouraged to make contact if I ever had any worries or concerns and I felt comfortable enough that I could too. The team of people I met were warm, friendly and happy and it was nice to be around them. This made what was a pretty daunting experience a whole lot better to deal with. I really felt that I was in good hands when I walked into Rowan House and by the end, those glass sliding doors no longer represented a place of fear and horror but a place of help and healing.

Although this experience has been really frightening and the worry of what may or may not happen took my ability to cope to the brink, I look back on it all feeling that I was very fortunate to have placed my trust in a brilliant team of people.

I went to Dr. Nelson to have several moles removed. Initial consultation went well, had the operation several weeks later without issue. Was in and out of the hospital in a couple of hours, left with tidy and tiny scars.

Most importantly of all I felt in very safe hands throughout.

Would highly recommend to anyone in need of a Dermatologist.

Five weeks ago, Toby removed a large basal cell carcinoma from my forehead using Mohs surgery.

From the initial consultation, Toby immediately made me feel completely at ease. He was also more than happy to book a follow-up consultation to address some concerns I had and provided thorough and clear information to help alleviate my worries.

I felt in very safe hands throughout the day procedure, which from start to finish went smoothly. My recovery has also gone well and I have always felt that any advice or assistance I might need is only an email or phone call away. Replies have been swift, helpful and accommodating.

Toby is obviously a very knowledgeable, professional and skilled surgeon but equally is also an extremely friendly, attentive and genuinely kind man.

I have never before received such good, individualised medical care and really couldn’t recommend him more.

After two hospital emergency treatments in Torbay the burning rash I had been suffering with for many days all over my body had not receded and I could not sleep for the itching. In total desperation at 4am on a Sunday morning, via his internet website, I requested a consultation with Dr Nelson. To my surprise he personally e-mailed me that morning to request pictures and we spoke on the phone that evening. He was very reassuring and advised me how I could treat my condition and the way forward with a change of medication. His care and attention was exceptional and his advice enabled my doctor to prescribe the correct medication which cured the condition in days. I cannot thank him enough, for his prompt and successful treatment of my skin condition.
I had a cyst removed by Dr. Nelson and can thoroughly recommend his professionalism, caring attitude and attention to detail. From the very beginning he made me feel at ease and he took the time to listen carefully to me and provided a quick and accurate diagnosis. I was clear at all times about what would be done and when, two weeks later, I had the operation, this as well was efficiently and painlessly carried out.
The advice about post-operative care was easy to understand and although now is only three days after the operation, I can see that the scar will be inobtrusive. Thank you for making me feel so relaxed and for making a potentially worrying time so easy. Dr. Nelson is an excellent dermatologist in my experience.
Toby treated a severe case of dermatitis which had taken hold of my hands, arms and legs. I had tried to deal with this problem over the years with countless visits to a variety of GPs, until a fantastic chap (my current GP ) put me in touch with Toby. Toby was kind, thorough and hit the nail on the head with treatment… before it got better my condition developed into cellulitis and he took a call on the weekend to help me with steps to sort it quickly.
This consultant cares about his patients… coupled with a superb, kindly manner is a sharp and incisive medical mind… I could not recommend him highly enough!

Toby Nelson is a highly skilled, dedicated and communicative physician and surgeon. Seven months ago he removed, painlessly, a basal cell carcinoma skin cancer off my nose using Mohs surgery under local anaesthesia. This was a perfect removal and the reconstructive skin flap surgery that Toby completed at that same appointment is fabulous in terms of outcome.

At that time Toby also offered to do a (free) full body skin check for me, and meet me with my partner Lynne-Marie to complete a skin check for her as well. We have since both returned to have repeat skin checks since we’ve lived high skin cancer risk lifestyles in the hot climate regions. As always, Toby was genuinely warm, caring, communicative, and he never performs or recommends procedures unless crucial to your health.

Dr Toby Nelson (Consultant Dermatologist) treated me privately for irritation on my scalp. He was thorough, sympathetic and showed a genuine concern for my skin condition.

His advice was clearly explained and his diagnosis was correct. His professionalism was second to none and the consultation was unhurried and highly beneficial on how to treat my skin condition. As a result I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Nelson to any one who has a skin concern and requires specialist advice.

The experience with Dr Nelson couldn’t have been more straight forward. He was very informative and honest which I found most reassuring. Able to accommodate and prepared to work around my busy work schedule. Could not recommend more.

I was referred to Dr Toby Nelson because I had a bcc to my lower eyelid . I went to rowen house very nervous but he and his staff put me at complete ease and removed it with out fuss . A big thank you to him and his team

Toby was able to explain things to me in a way that allowed me to make an informed decision about my care. Surgically very skilled and put me at ease during my operation.

I have seen Dr Toby for several skin lesions which he accurately diagnosed and treated. 

Toby has also recently performed an upper eyelid blepharoplasty for me. The result is amazing and has improved both my visual field and my appearance. Toby is approachable, informative, listens to what you want and then delivers to the highest standard. I can highly recommend Dr Toby Nelson to anyone looking for a caring, personable and highly skilled dermatologist. 

Wood Medispa in its beautiful grounds is the most entrancing and calming environment, a perfect background to the reason for visiting.

I consulted with Dr Toby Nelson about a basel cell carcinoma on my cheek which had been weeping and getting progressively bigger. From the first meeting he was very informative and reassuringly positive about the outcome.

Yesterday Dr Nelson undertook Mohs surgery on my cheek at Wood Medispa, which proved the right route as he and his team were able to identify just how deep the the cancer cells were and remove them. I am now in recovery, but very happy I made the right choice in selecting this most professional and technically advanced team. A big thank you to them.

I so wish I could give this incredible Dr 10stars!!
I am extremely grateful to this man and his team for their skills, dedication and commitment to bettering their patients lives!!
I had cranial botox to stop my head excess sweating (hyperhydrosis) as it was stopping me perform ‘normal’ day-to-day activities and it was having a massive impact on my mental health. Dr Toby Nelson sat with me and explained all avenues to treat my condition and is wealth of knowledge is second to none!! I was faced with having 100 injection sites and this man and his nurse (Louise) put me at ease, explained why there was so many, informed me about the product, kept me distracted through-out the procedure and made me feel so safe and relax as if I was a someone he had known for years.
Toby, you are an absolute credit to your profession & industry that words fail to give you the credit that you are due. You have given me a whole new lease of life by treating me and showing me my possibilities!! May you carry on aiding others and helping improve their quality of life.
Ps pass on many thanks to the amazing man who got you into this field of medicine!! ❤

I recently visited Tony for a mole removal procedure and was very nervous. Toby was caring and friendly and helped me feel at ease. The procedure was quick and as painless as could be expected and I am thrilled with the results. Highly recommended!

Dr Toby Nelson performed Mohs Surgery on a Basel Cell Carcinoma 4 weeks ago at Wood Medispa and he dealt with me pre and post precedure in the most kind, supportive and professional manner. I was fully informed about the procedure and made to feel at ease. At my follow-up I was given invaluable information about taking care of my skin moving forward. 5 stars all the way…..Thank you Toby.

Dr Nelson and his team were perfect. Dr Nelson was professional and understanding, not only treating the matter at hand, but also advising on other questions and concerns. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a dermatologist.